Monday, December 21, 2009

I meat LINK

There he is in all his glory!!

My very FIRST night out in NZ!

So i have made friends with these two German girls called Malina and Tammara. so Tammara wanted to go out on my day off so out we went!
This really cool club called Number 9, super cool had nice inside and on the night that we went there was a Amnesty intentional charity gig thing on so really cool local bands came on! the roof of the toilets even had cat photos on it!!! yayay!
the cocktails were even served in teapots!!! yes teapots and they tasted nice!
was it was indeed a good night out! had a really nice time and didn't get to drunk as well! really the photo does no justice!
also i was a little bad and stole a tambourine... ooops but Tamara was happy!


yes you know that wee job that robin got well i got another wee job at the same place so its all good! yep and its a really nice place to work indeed!! super cool you could say!
so yes We have moved Hostel to just the suburbs of Auckland and i love it! really nice room and really nice people, the house is called Yapping house and its great!!

we even had a helicopter in the next door garden! yoyo cool hip!

also i would love to add that the weather has been great!! super cool and nice! i may even be a little tanned if you can imagen it!!

dont know how to rotate the photo lolZ so enjoy!