Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So day off and we do great things like going to the ZOO!! woopwoop!! i was so happy to got the zoo! so off we went Robin, Parth, Brijiges and Rojeta.( our cool work mates) also i, holly.
so up we go nice and early for a wee trip to the zoo and it was like a really HOT day. i did got burnt.. but not to bad so its all good and well we saw animals and i learnt that Parth doesn't like cats and is scared of Lisabeth, who would have known. we ranked most animals we saw the Tigers one because well they were SWEET AS BROW! but the Otters were also very very cute when they all looke up and squeeked there wee squeeky squeeks!! Trop Mignon!
all in all ncie day at the ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!