Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting sporty with it!

Ready to run!

Really liking they way my casual sports wear came out, zippy top keeping you warm whilst you wait to race on the track or just looking cool on the street! The trousers made with extra zips at the side of the pockets for easy use!

Dark Woods

Cool In The Woods
The evening dress i made for my pattern experimentation class! Dip dyed jersey material hangs nicely! I think my design makes for a lovely evening dress!

Ink blood

Dip dyed oversize T-shirt dress

This fabric was on off cut from one of the projects and i though i would make a T-shirt, then this T-shirt turned out to be long enough to be a dress! Good times!


My rib cage T-shirt!

I made this T-shirt for a party and i think that the lovely Rosalind makes it look lovely and grunge! Dark and groovy!!