Thursday, August 11, 2011

OCD spider?

It was drawn to my attention one day as a friend was cleaning the spider webs off some plants in the garden that some of our spider friends may have a wee bit of OCD! I dont know how clear the images are but im sure you get the idea that all the 'spider snacks' are lined up very neatly, dont you think?

Two lines of mummified insects

nom OOOM nom

Monday, July 4, 2011

Art at home

My town in Orkney is small and quiet during the winter, during summer you have the lively hum of the tourist season but all year round i feel that we have a great art community. The Pier Arts Center is now hosting by a Scottish artist Jim Lambie. I just thought this show was very worth mentioning! AMAZING

The fluorescent Green sprayed battle helmet is great!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Child's play

Over the summer period i wanted to be productive and produce some art, i started off well and did one or two drawings a day. As you can guess the pile got quite high and what better thing to do for a poor wee student like myself is to try make some money.

My work is now being shown at a local gallery, i hope you like what i have done!

These are my three pieces i have displayed at this very moment!


For our friends late Birthday we had not such a surprise party for him! I would have to say the main even of the party although excluding the greatness of the hostess was the lovely Smartie encrusted cake!


I think fun was had by all and Iain was fair chuffed!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drawing for mens wear

There we have some drawings i did for the mens wear section of my first year. i mainly used water colour in these ones as well as in the third image ink pen. I go a very good in my assessment of the drawings so i guess that means that the tutors like them just a little bit! I hope you guys like them as well! :3

Monday, April 18, 2011

MORE form the Boarders

More from the life in the borders and the wee web of places we went near Galashiels. I think that Jedburgh was the winning place on the list of places we went to in the Borders and i dont think thats just because it was just sunny! The Abby that we viewed from outside the gates was lovely, went a wee look see to a house that Mary Queen of Scott's stayed and then to the Jail!!! Nell did not like the Jail one bit with the fake models of people in the prison cells, mother also had a Jump or two! although i couldn't blame her they were rather creepy!
To top the day off we plucked the carcass of the pheasant roadkill for there lovely feathers, i wish i didn't have such a bad gag reflex!... heave! :3

Monday, April 4, 2011


In the sunny town of gala my family came to see me WOOT WOOT! so as i have now lived in the borders for a few months and have not visited the areas around my family having a car decided to do wee day trips across the Scottish borders! yahooo!
First night in Gala for my Brother and lucky for him there was some live Reggea/rock music praformed by his old band Pray For Ryan! They even asked him to join them on stage to sing!
The map is of all the places we have visited so far, i live in happy Galashiels...

This is the happy family in Peedie Peebles, i think we all liked this town the best. We also went a wee look see around the church and town area. Also a wee bit of trivia for you is that the town of Peebles is a twin town with the French village Hendaye, which is in the Basque country and very near to where Robin is from. The sun even came out in time for us to all to have some ICE CREAM! Nom NOm. as usual Nell had MINT CHOC CHIP! I had tasty AMERICAN CREAM SODA, mum had RUM AND RAISIN and Kevin had Fudge CRUNCH. SO TASTY!

This lovely mothers day we all went out to a tasty Indian in Selkirk! so much food! STUFFED

Friday, April 1, 2011

I you like?

So i entered a small contest on facebook for a design thing. I chose to use the Blue tit print i made for UNIVERSITY! i would like very much if readers of this blog would support me and 'like' on facebook, you have to become friends with the page first. but thank you if you choose to like it!

I think this is possibly it!



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Feathers

something i found the other day and got framed!now it has its happy wee home on my speakers!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you like my skirt?

We had learnt to make a standard skirt in Uni and i was at a miss one night and this happened!!! Shocking i know! but i really like it! it even has a button! :3 woot woot

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Brian introduced me to starcraft today... LOLZ

Saturday, January 29, 2011

MOONPIG (not the add)

My sister Nell has a toy, Moonpig. I'm not sure what he/she is but its pink and why and fluffy. I thought that i would paint a wee thing for her! MOONPIG
I hope his eyes doing look like BOOBS...oops

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Captins Log

I like to keep a wee notbook because i have such a bad memory, any little ideas i have or images i see it all goes into my little book. I find it a lot easer than keeping a diary from day to day. Also something that i like to look back on all the images and writing OOOH the MEMORYS °sigh° :3 anyway here is a wee image from my not book that i like.

This image came from the day Robin and I got our first Christmas tree!

I hope you like! :3

Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is an image from the final peice we had to make for fashion womens wear.

I really enjoyed the project, my skirt was created with a surreal theme. I was thinking abour black holes in space and i guess thats what the donut on the front is mean to be. I think i did ok for a first time try at makign something all by myself!

lol And Wedding party new year birthday.. GASP

oops i posted twice about my short visit to paris.. oh well i guess that will give you a better idea of my feelings on the city. I think i should go in the summer next time, it just so cold! Cooler than scotland!!! whats with that



Possibly the best wedding cake ever!!!

The Sun was out in Biqrritz for teh wedding and after the paper signing it was onto the beach for photo time! Then off to lunch!
In the evening we were all ralleyd to a lovely Basque house for the wedding dinner and new year fun!
I think the cake they had is possibly the best wedding cake i have ever seen and it tasted so good!! NOM NOM aFTER dancing the night away to french disco hits including the macarina. We left for home about 4am and i was so happy to descover my feet had swolen from all the dancing and looked like a blown up rubber glove. BUt fear not they are much more normal now!
Have a happy new year and Bonne année



So after spending the night in Edinburgh Airport and not sleeping we traveled to Paris, not my fav place in teh world but we were there. And being in the city of love and all that i wanted to see the Tower its self up close and personal! And there is the photo of all photos! i look so happy dont i? haha im making that face because dude is walking tword me brandishing some french gift stuff and after he saw that face he scurryed away!


Robin is off haveing a lovely stag doo in the snow and i walked the streets in teh nice winter sun, although its atleast 20oC difference!!! i Love the houses in this area of France so much!