Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NO new blog

So it turns out that i cant make a new blog because because all the two email addresses have blogs attached to them so new blog is down the drain... Eh so the rest of this blog is not so relevant to the fashion course (Until now!!!) because that is WHAT I AM DOING!
Just for blog purpose i am leaving home land of Orkney to find a flat in Gala on Friday!!! WOWOwowoWOw i know i was barley home! but i think its good having itchy feet (not physically itchy but in the seance that i like to go places!)

Anyways off to work on the Holiday project! First thoughts is i-D magazine because i have a million copy's already!! and mother wanted to bin them when i was gone! HA safe! i-d looks like a winking face! LOL

new blog

So i think that i will start a new blog because on my Holiday project it says that i should also start a blog and no offence blog but i think i would be embarrassed to broadcast you to all the people at uni... maybe im just being a baby but i will put a link to my NEW NEW blog on this blog...BLOG? not that anyone really reads this! BUt i love you if you do!


Got some work to do before going to uni! it is so exiting!! I have to make a "magazine" page that describes me and my interest in fashion... so i should get started.. mum suggested that i do a drawing or myself in Harajuku styles...i don't think i will be doing that but Japanese style is very coolz!
This image is from one of my books on Japanese Harajuku fashion! YAY! IM SO EXITED