Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So this year i didnt get to go home so it was a GALA christmas party for two. ME and ROBIN. this is a wee christmas tree in our hoose! im very happy with it gives me all my happy christmas feelings!So oh christmas day we had duck and lots of lovely veg! NOMNOM


So after sleeping in edinburgh airport we flew to Paris and got the metro about the place and guess what i saw! well it was the Eiffel tower, its quite big might i add!
but still my idea of parris is still the same, its cold and a bit stressfull with all the angry french folk running around!Nice photo of me i know! i am a fox!!!
or not but hay! :3 i think its robins bad photo taking skillz...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some stuff

So i am now on hollidays in france having a hart time to type on the french keyboard... anyways i though i have some images ont eh workshop at uni of our first project in the womens wear. It was to creat a Surreal top out of tow ordenary mens shirts.
This first image of me with the orange arms wrking away on my shirt. :3
A clossup of a fellow fashion lady friends shirt thing.
And finnaly teh lovely Johnana wearing my final peice!
At the end of making the shirt we made a little catwalk show was all in good fun! Cant wait to get back into teh workshop!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my first Photoshop pattern

Happy days i have done something creative!!! In the photoshop class we were asked to make some patterns using a theme of our own choice. So i chose Blue Tits, i just love that little bird they make my laugh! also they have nice colours and things that i though would be good for doing stuff! :3 I'm happy!
so this is what i have done! I hope that you like it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ed festival

i know it was a wee bit ago but Kat put this amazing photo up that i love so much!!!! Some guys that were preforming in the festival. they were dancing and being silly on the street was great!!!!! yayayaya

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Oh well i ahem made a new blog because the school is asking for it (when i say school i really mean uni) but anyways i have another blog, A FASHION ONE! lol so that's where all my ideas on fashion will be i guess... or something like that... So yeh
That's me for the moment just hanging around gala going to uni and things. Oh i went to Edinburgh the other day and viewed the dean gallery... was ok maybe just not my kinda thing but ha im being cultured...ish! kinda.
Oh yawn im in the library and the Internet is all crapy and i cant get onto my silly uni email and i need to so i know whats going on and things but i guess i shall have to survive. OH WELL!
I WANT TO GO AWAY! travel ...oh gone are the days!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NO new blog

So it turns out that i cant make a new blog because because all the two email addresses have blogs attached to them so new blog is down the drain... Eh so the rest of this blog is not so relevant to the fashion course (Until now!!!) because that is WHAT I AM DOING!
Just for blog purpose i am leaving home land of Orkney to find a flat in Gala on Friday!!! WOWOwowoWOw i know i was barley home! but i think its good having itchy feet (not physically itchy but in the seance that i like to go places!)

Anyways off to work on the Holiday project! First thoughts is i-D magazine because i have a million copy's already!! and mother wanted to bin them when i was gone! HA safe! i-d looks like a winking face! LOL

new blog

So i think that i will start a new blog because on my Holiday project it says that i should also start a blog and no offence blog but i think i would be embarrassed to broadcast you to all the people at uni... maybe im just being a baby but i will put a link to my NEW NEW blog on this blog...BLOG? not that anyone really reads this! BUt i love you if you do!


Got some work to do before going to uni! it is so exiting!! I have to make a "magazine" page that describes me and my interest in fashion... so i should get started.. mum suggested that i do a drawing or myself in Harajuku styles...i don't think i will be doing that but Japanese style is very coolz!
This image is from one of my books on Japanese Harajuku fashion! YAY! IM SO EXITED

Saturday, July 31, 2010


So i hve the facebook and all that very nice, yes!
have the blog spot! (well im here now)
so i thought that i want another one i just cant get enough!!!! so i got Twitter as you can see as the title!

possibly a link to the place....maybe not to sure but anyways!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So yes I'm not in NZ no more so i think i should just pick up from now.
So we are in July and its Shopping Week and that means many lots of the lovely pipes, that can be heard all over Stromness. Never lets us forget that we are really in Scotland! because well we are.
But for me i guess this week means that i will be evey hour! I have been doing the kids art thing in the morning and serving lovely booza to the drunk shopping weekers!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


well i have been very bad on writing new blogs and hings! really so i will try and catch up with the NZ news... very late on that!
But just for i will say im back in Home working away for Uni in September!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So from Queenstown we moved to a place called Fox Glaser. The reason its called that is because as you may guess that there is a big Glaser there called Fox. But unfortunately it rained the two days that we were there so we ended up doing nothing but walk a bit in the rain!
So our next move was to a place called Punakaiki, where we saw the pan cake rocks and blow holes that did there thing for us! it was great!
But Punakaiki is very small and there was not a lot for us to do we moved on to the lovely city of NELSON!!!!!!!! WOOPWOOP!

Monday, April 26, 2010


So we got the hell out of the lovely town of Te Anau to head over to Queenstown! but unfortunately it rained like something very wet for the first two days we got there. So we did nothing for the first few days. But on the third day the weather was a million times better so time for action! We got our asses up and went on a gondola to a very nice view point of the hole of Qtown! When we were up there we went a wee walk in the forest around the area!there was also a Rainbow!!robin qui nous montre ici son sexy petit minoit en parfait accord avec la vue.

The rest of the day

C'est la vue de Te Anau que l'ont pouvaient voir de notre auberge , et comme c'est robin la qui ecrit en francais et que tout se qui suivent le blog ne parlent pas cette noble et belle langue je peux alors ajouter en face d'un beau paysage " ma grosse bite de poilu" hahaha holly sa t'apprendra a vouloir que ton copain redige 1 truc en francais

Ok so i will take over because Robin is a lazy Frenchman, but when do you NOT find a lazy Frenchman?? So as you can see we went to Mirror lakes, do you wonder why?
Another cool thing was that our driver stopped the ride to show us some local birds suck as the lovely Keya. They are not scared of people so you could get real close as i did!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


The next day we booked a tour to Milford sound, witch also entailed us getting up at a crazy hour! But i tell you now that it was completely worth it! So the day as a whole was shit! really bad it rained from start to finish and onto the next day but that was what made Milford sound even more beautiful! the clouds all around the mountains were amazing!! Gave the whole place a great atmosphere!! really just look at the photos!!!!We even saw Dolphins, witch we were told was quite a rare thing to see! so all in all it was a really great boat trip! Robin was so sad to leave, he even cred! Pauvre petite chose fragile!


The next day to keep our none lazy character up we went for a hill walk that took us to great view point of the hole Dunedin and further! The walk was not hard and we took our time and spent an hour at the top just enjoying the sight!

The next day we said our fair wells to John and went to a town called Te Anau! we arrived fairly late so the only thing we did was fined some food and went to bed!

On the first day there we took it easy and just booked into a Glow Worm Caves tour. That took us a short boat ride to an island that is not inhabited to a small house where there is a path to the caves. The cave tunnel is very small for me so even smaller for Robin! there were great views from inside the caves of waterfalls and the suck, but none of my favorite the stalactites and stalagmites. then onto a boat inside the caves where we traveled into darkness IN THE CAVES! we floated around gazing at this Galaxy of blue glow worms on the roof! i liked it but not as much as i should have i was still caught up on the idea that we were underground and in a cave in water and it was DARK! Yes though it was beautifull! and would recomend it!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


So we were through with our job on the Sunday and then on the Monday we were out of Auckland! We got a flight to Christchurch that afternoon and arrived at about 10pm just in time to check in to our hostel!
The next day we were off at an early start to Dunedin ( the Scottish city in NZ) and it was all the street names were from Edinburgh! So there in this new place we met a Friend from Orkney, John. From there robin reminded him of a promise he made, to see the little blue Penguins! so off we set to find the little birds! we waited about 2hours for them to appear and just when we were loosing hope they came! very small and cute but it was quite dark by the time they came so the were not so clear! But none the less i was happy to see them in the nature waddle past my feet!
So we went back to Johns house to stay the night witch was very nice and a very good start to our travel!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

international communications

international communications what Tto Kims girlfriend does at UNI and it was joke of night because of all the different people at the dinner table! India, Korea, Japan, France and Scotland! we ahd a ncie dinner at an Indian place!


we went to the Sea life Center, Kelly Tarltons with Parth and Rojita! there were many fish and it was nice! first we were in the south pole as you can see! there is New Zealand and Antarctica this is relevant because there was a pingoo room with lots of lovely pengouans!!

robina and i were also eaten by a MASSIVE shaerk!as you do...

there were really cool Ray and we were there just in time to see the feeding show but the photos suck of that.
Another cool thing about the sea life Center is that there was a big tunnel with sharks in it and they were all around us! Was a very short ride through the small place but really nice


we went to a hunted house, witch was really cool! first greeted by a man running at us with blood all over him and screaming. nice! there were 3stages there was the 3D vortex where you had the crazy 3D glasses and it was all messed up and people were running at you and then there was the house witch also had a claustrophobia room very small room!! and finally the best part in my opinion was the corn feild maze! was really gereat! a massive corn maze with cray people in it that waould run at youi then dissapear and then chansaw people. but the best for me was the midget tha managed to get me down to his high! he was funny but also a bit weard but fun... anyways it was a good night in all. the people in the photos are Robin, Val, kelly, Enguerrand, Levin and myself! good night!!!

LAntern festival!!

Auckland has lots of Chinese in it so they now have a big Lantern Festival in the park close to the city! there was Chinese food and entertainments such as Boybands playing on a big open air stage was really class stuff!! but best of all there was the open air karaoke! good stuff! oh and there were lanterns...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So day off and we do great things like going to the ZOO!! woopwoop!! i was so happy to got the zoo! so off we went Robin, Parth, Brijiges and Rojeta.( our cool work mates) also i, holly.
so up we go nice and early for a wee trip to the zoo and it was like a really HOT day. i did got burnt.. but not to bad so its all good and well we saw animals and i learnt that Parth doesn't like cats and is scared of Lisabeth, who would have known. we ranked most animals we saw the Tigers one because well they were SWEET AS BROW! but the Otters were also very very cute when they all looke up and squeeked there wee squeeky squeeks!! Trop Mignon!
all in all ncie day at the ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!