Monday, December 21, 2009

I meat LINK

There he is in all his glory!!

My very FIRST night out in NZ!

So i have made friends with these two German girls called Malina and Tammara. so Tammara wanted to go out on my day off so out we went!
This really cool club called Number 9, super cool had nice inside and on the night that we went there was a Amnesty intentional charity gig thing on so really cool local bands came on! the roof of the toilets even had cat photos on it!!! yayay!
the cocktails were even served in teapots!!! yes teapots and they tasted nice!
was it was indeed a good night out! had a really nice time and didn't get to drunk as well! really the photo does no justice!
also i was a little bad and stole a tambourine... ooops but Tamara was happy!


yes you know that wee job that robin got well i got another wee job at the same place so its all good! yep and its a really nice place to work indeed!! super cool you could say!
so yes We have moved Hostel to just the suburbs of Auckland and i love it! really nice room and really nice people, the house is called Yapping house and its great!!

we even had a helicopter in the next door garden! yoyo cool hip!

also i would love to add that the weather has been great!! super cool and nice! i may even be a little tanned if you can imagen it!!

dont know how to rotate the photo lolZ so enjoy!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


So after something like 3days of just sleeping we decided its time to get the ball rolling! and roll it did! Robin and i had spent two days of hard core CV dropping, between us we dropped something like 70 sheets all together.

I had a try out day at a cafe called MECCA seems nice but after my second try out day the manager told me they weren't looking fr anyone at the moment... and i got payed $50 for 8 hours work. oh well learn and live. But soon after that Robin got a nice wee job at a Belgium bar/restaurant. i had an other try out day at a night club, it went well and now i have worked about 6shifts doing bar work and things like that... its OK

So that take us up to about now really...


i will move over the next two day fast. so from London to LA and then a nice 29 hours in flight all together! s i watched movies and movies and movies and it was great!


We got a bus to the city center and then found our hostel very easily and then soon after we checked in it was time for bed! night and good morning!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh we go LONDON

So there we go to London for 2 nights and one day! was really nice going there we stayed with my cousin Clair and her boyfriend in a nice wee flat! Then the next day was the meeting of Robins sister and her husband! scared but i did it and it was great. we went to lunch then did the sights of London.

I didn't take any photos so i stole one from google...hahahaha i mean really i took this all by myself!

yes So that evening we went to Robins sisters house for dinner and had lots of chat...LOTS!

but we had to go because the next day we were to Hethrow to fly for many hours across the planet!

YAY see you later UK.

Back to vive la France

So yes after Turkey it was home again (in the sence that France is home) so yes there are some photos from france.

the first image as you can see is Robin showing Orkney And where we are in France!

the the rest of the photos are of him and i being silly in the musee de la mer! woopwoop it was all good till there were seals.... eeeeew

nice faces with fish
the horror of the seals eating robin and me eating the fish! nice
evil is everywhere

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Erasmus and other things

So i wanted to add more photos of thing so i will and also some photos of the hostel we stayed in.

This is an Image from the Palace place that we went i thought it was a really nice roof thing so as you can see i took a photo!

also i noticed in the city of Istanbul that there was lots of these yellow arms all over the place so i took like over 30 photos of them in different places but here is one a ground level i like it!!!!
So yes the place that we stayed was great and i don't think i put any photos of it up and i don't have anyway photos to put up... yet. so there we go enjoy. somuch for more and other things sorry...

Istambul again

SOOOOoooOoO back to the city (im writing this when im in New Zealand oh well...)

yes robin and i returned to the big city and this time we meant business!! we went to see all the good things like the Blue mosque, Topkapi palace and much much more super cool things!!! oh the grand bazaar!!! woopwoop! but some photos first will give you an idea of how lovely the places we saw were...makes sense i don't know.... PHOTOS

this is the Blue Mosque, i had to put a head scarf on because im a wOooman... and Robin didn't.

and the next image is inside the Mosque, was a really great thing to see. really quiet and special the building was SOOOO big and the walls and roof were lovely! We were only aloud in the back of the Mosque because there were people praying in the back!

We went to another Mosque called Saint Sofia, we payed to enter because we were told it was a really great thing to see but... not so much there was massive scaffolding in the middle and not really all that great so i will only show one of the good photos form this place.

mmm it was still nice but not all that i thought it was cracked up to be. and we had to pay and the Blur Mosque, which i though was nicer we didn't have to pay for but oh well learn and live.

Oh we were really good and cultured and went to the museum of Archeology! spent 5 hours there i wanted to cry but Robin was in heaven... so fool of things!! a really good museum you get your moneys worth for sure!!

This is a big cat that was outside the museum and i liked it so i got a photo with it LOLO COOLCOOL!!! MEAW
HAHA i had to they had suck peachy bum!! nice! i think that was the highlight of the day.. no not really! it was a really great museum!
That's all the good photos i have of things for the moment but i will be sure to add more and better ones!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Cappadocia

Yes so from Safronbulo we moved to a town called Gorome, it took nearly all day to get there and when we arrived it was dark and we were not sure if there was going to be places to stay. The sights of Gorome by night were very strange because the area is a mixture of normal looking Turkish houses and then the strange mountain houses, like pixi houses or chimneys. so it turns out that we found a really nice hotel to stay in that was super cheap!!

the next day Robin and i decided to walk. we go up prity early and asked the owner of the hotel where was a good walk. This man was a great help and showed us many valleys that we could see.

We started our walk to a valley called Pigeon Valley it was amazing!!! the forms of these old mountain houses are so strange and we were free to walk in them and touch them, it was really great!
So we walked through this valley for most of our first day. I got scared of slippery Cliff faces that we were trying to clime but it was worth it in the end because then we discovered the best song in the world! It is some kind of turkistic cleche music im sure you can find if you google traditional Turkish music. Really is something you have to do in life its so so.... whats the word, wistful, repetitive. Im not sure but wow it blew my mind for sure!
The next day Robin and i decided to take a tour, we chose the green tour that meant there was very little shopping involved which was great! we saw many sights an under grown city, for when Christians in that time (whenever that time was) were under attack. It was amazing there were 12 levels and we only went down to the 8Th and it seemed to go on forever! DOWN AND DOWN AND DOWN! and Robin was always too tall!
our next stop was a valley walk that took an hour it was really great, we stopped once to view a church that had been carved in to the valley. at the end of the walk we had our lunch and i was ready for that because i had no breakfast.
After lunch we drove to this massive fortress on the side of this big mountain it was really impressive, there were 3 churches and a school area in it. From a distance it looked like the scene in Star Wars where Jabba the hut lives... also many a joke was made because i was also wearing my starwars Tshirt that day. hahaha StarWars..
We stopped once for some icream before our last stop which was an Onyx workshop where we got a small tour of the work areas then they showed us jewelry. But everyone on the tour were travelers and couldn't afford to buy expensive things. Back in Gorome it was nearly 6:30 it was a really fool day of sights. We found food and then went to bed to get ready for another day!
the next few days we just wondered in the beauty of the area before we went back to the big city by a night bus.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not much

So from Amasra we moved to this town called Safronbulo, we diceded to go there because the houses there were meant to be very lovely (as said so in the Turkey guide that robin lost i Amasra, oops) but to me the housing were nothing special.

We stayed three nights in this town and just walked and watched the view of the area. By night robin and i stayed in like an old couple and read our books and watched Turkish TV. Really classy stuff!

we did find a nice cheap restrount where we tryed some of the local speciality's, you know like Kibab, cofta and the dream desert Backlava... oh i dream of that sososososo good!

Somewhere els

So the place that we moved to was a smaller town called Amasra on the Black Sea. Really nice views from this small touristic village! so when we arrived there something like 9hours on a bus Robin and i were egar to find somewhere to spend the night. we found a Panshion, like a room in someone elses house it seemed quite cheap and good... well cheap it was but good is not how i would describe it. it was dirty, had bugs, the toilet didn't flush... oh well so we stayed 3 glorious nights there!

The woman that run the place was so funny though, she spoke NO English at but talked at us as if we understood. for all we know she was calling us fools. when she showed us the room she seemed very proud of this red lamp thing, that i got was a night light form her sighs and snoring noises... just what you need!

oh i feel i have to mention the service on the buses, you get like a trolley dolly person like on a plain giving you drinks and small things to eat. its so strange watching these people walking around with a jug of freshly boiled water on a bumpy bus. Yes so top marks to Turkey for there bus service!! really good!

oh so in Amasra we really didn't do much at all, we walked and enjoyed the view and that was about it!

Ok Turkey

So off we go to Turkey for 15day§! we set off from the airport in Biarritz to Paris, the airpor where i had the best sleep of my life... or not.

Anyway the next morning the flight was nice and early whitch was fine for us because we were already awating for the flight to come. We flew to Prage where we spent three hours; it was very strange because people were smoking inside... Finaly from there we moved to Turkey Istambul where we waited nearly two hours for a bus that finaly came whenwe were about to give up hope.

Eventually we made our way to te hostel Erasmus where we were greeted friendily and shown to our colourful room.
The next day was just a day to get to know the city really, we walked to the main street and along the water front. A very fast moving city with lots of people in it! but our first visit was very short because the pln for the next day was to love somwhere els...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What i dıd in france

So there we are ın France...

Robin took me to see lovely sights of hıs area like The Old City of Bayonne, very nice looking. also there were the beaches near where he lives Biarritz and Bidart, lovely golden sand, sea stacks and blue mountains ın the background! İ wıll be sure to add some photos to show you what ı mean!

Another fun thing ıs that Sam and Donald were the area!! so a few days of miscommunication led us astray but eventually we were reunited! meeting them ın a bus stop ın Bayonne we move fast to find food and water! by food ı mean the first McDonald's ı have had ın years and by water ı mean quality 5letters of quality rose wine and a grand prise of 7euros! so off to find a beach!!

After watching Donald try and chug as much refined Rose as he could ıt was to the sea, where the public gave us odd looks as we stripped down and ran madly to the water. where ı was pleasantly surprised the temperature was great despite us being the only 4 ın the water! so we all got beaten by the waves constantly coming. ı would also like to note the beauty of Sam as he dıd a parody of a bond woman coming out of the water, hıs loveliness was unparalleled.
But i do have to say that ıt was not so warm after we got out the water and ıt started to rain, we took refuge ın the car to decide our plan of action. Robın and i were to go and get food and return to the awaiting boys who set up a tent!

Robın and ı arrived to find the two of them snuggled up asleep like baby's, but we had no pity. Sam was disturbed from hıs slumber but Donald was another thing and doesn't even remember me feedıng him milk and cookıes... bless! So the nıght was left to me and Sam singıng songs form the Rocky Horror Picture show and Robın listenıng. So eventually we become sleepy so we left for bed.
The next morning ıt was tıme to say fair well to Donald and Sam... when we could fınd a Bus, ıt was an adventure ın ıts self which lead us again to McDonald's for some ice cream...
So off they went to travel again! That was them forever ın our memory's may the rest ın peace!

Back track

so i wıll start form the beginning, because now ı am in Turkey but ı want to start ın a more chronological order of things happening.

So ın Orkney the 5Th of October i got up at 5am to get ready to fly to Edinburgh, then from Edinburgh to London and finally to Bordeaux. On arrival to Bordeaux i discovered that my luggage was left ın London and that ı had to wait two days before ı got ıt back. But that was fıne ı was ın France wıth robin. So from the airport we got a train to a city near the town where Robın lives.

so yes that was a long day ı was happy to see bed! also the end of my first day of traveling!