Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So this year i didnt get to go home so it was a GALA christmas party for two. ME and ROBIN. this is a wee christmas tree in our hoose! im very happy with it gives me all my happy christmas feelings!So oh christmas day we had duck and lots of lovely veg! NOMNOM


So after sleeping in edinburgh airport we flew to Paris and got the metro about the place and guess what i saw! well it was the Eiffel tower, its quite big might i add!
but still my idea of parris is still the same, its cold and a bit stressfull with all the angry french folk running around!Nice photo of me i know! i am a fox!!!
or not but hay! :3 i think its robins bad photo taking skillz...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some stuff

So i am now on hollidays in france having a hart time to type on the french keyboard... anyways i though i have some images ont eh workshop at uni of our first project in the womens wear. It was to creat a Surreal top out of tow ordenary mens shirts.
This first image of me with the orange arms wrking away on my shirt. :3
A clossup of a fellow fashion lady friends shirt thing.
And finnaly teh lovely Johnana wearing my final peice!
At the end of making the shirt we made a little catwalk show was all in good fun! Cant wait to get back into teh workshop!!