Thursday, November 26, 2009

Istambul again

SOOOOoooOoO back to the city (im writing this when im in New Zealand oh well...)

yes robin and i returned to the big city and this time we meant business!! we went to see all the good things like the Blue mosque, Topkapi palace and much much more super cool things!!! oh the grand bazaar!!! woopwoop! but some photos first will give you an idea of how lovely the places we saw were...makes sense i don't know.... PHOTOS

this is the Blue Mosque, i had to put a head scarf on because im a wOooman... and Robin didn't.

and the next image is inside the Mosque, was a really great thing to see. really quiet and special the building was SOOOO big and the walls and roof were lovely! We were only aloud in the back of the Mosque because there were people praying in the back!

We went to another Mosque called Saint Sofia, we payed to enter because we were told it was a really great thing to see but... not so much there was massive scaffolding in the middle and not really all that great so i will only show one of the good photos form this place.

mmm it was still nice but not all that i thought it was cracked up to be. and we had to pay and the Blur Mosque, which i though was nicer we didn't have to pay for but oh well learn and live.

Oh we were really good and cultured and went to the museum of Archeology! spent 5 hours there i wanted to cry but Robin was in heaven... so fool of things!! a really good museum you get your moneys worth for sure!!

This is a big cat that was outside the museum and i liked it so i got a photo with it LOLO COOLCOOL!!! MEAW
HAHA i had to they had suck peachy bum!! nice! i think that was the highlight of the day.. no not really! it was a really great museum!
That's all the good photos i have of things for the moment but i will be sure to add more and better ones!

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