Monday, April 18, 2011

MORE form the Boarders

More from the life in the borders and the wee web of places we went near Galashiels. I think that Jedburgh was the winning place on the list of places we went to in the Borders and i dont think thats just because it was just sunny! The Abby that we viewed from outside the gates was lovely, went a wee look see to a house that Mary Queen of Scott's stayed and then to the Jail!!! Nell did not like the Jail one bit with the fake models of people in the prison cells, mother also had a Jump or two! although i couldn't blame her they were rather creepy!
To top the day off we plucked the carcass of the pheasant roadkill for there lovely feathers, i wish i didn't have such a bad gag reflex!... heave! :3

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