Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ok Turkey

So off we go to Turkey for 15day§! we set off from the airport in Biarritz to Paris, the airpor where i had the best sleep of my life... or not.

Anyway the next morning the flight was nice and early whitch was fine for us because we were already awating for the flight to come. We flew to Prage where we spent three hours; it was very strange because people were smoking inside... Finaly from there we moved to Turkey Istambul where we waited nearly two hours for a bus that finaly came whenwe were about to give up hope.

Eventually we made our way to te hostel Erasmus where we were greeted friendily and shown to our colourful room.
The next day was just a day to get to know the city really, we walked to the main street and along the water front. A very fast moving city with lots of people in it! but our first visit was very short because the pln for the next day was to love somwhere els...

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