Saturday, October 24, 2009

What i dıd in france

So there we are ın France...

Robin took me to see lovely sights of hıs area like The Old City of Bayonne, very nice looking. also there were the beaches near where he lives Biarritz and Bidart, lovely golden sand, sea stacks and blue mountains ın the background! İ wıll be sure to add some photos to show you what ı mean!

Another fun thing ıs that Sam and Donald were the area!! so a few days of miscommunication led us astray but eventually we were reunited! meeting them ın a bus stop ın Bayonne we move fast to find food and water! by food ı mean the first McDonald's ı have had ın years and by water ı mean quality 5letters of quality rose wine and a grand prise of 7euros! so off to find a beach!!

After watching Donald try and chug as much refined Rose as he could ıt was to the sea, where the public gave us odd looks as we stripped down and ran madly to the water. where ı was pleasantly surprised the temperature was great despite us being the only 4 ın the water! so we all got beaten by the waves constantly coming. ı would also like to note the beauty of Sam as he dıd a parody of a bond woman coming out of the water, hıs loveliness was unparalleled.
But i do have to say that ıt was not so warm after we got out the water and ıt started to rain, we took refuge ın the car to decide our plan of action. Robın and i were to go and get food and return to the awaiting boys who set up a tent!

Robın and ı arrived to find the two of them snuggled up asleep like baby's, but we had no pity. Sam was disturbed from hıs slumber but Donald was another thing and doesn't even remember me feedıng him milk and cookıes... bless! So the nıght was left to me and Sam singıng songs form the Rocky Horror Picture show and Robın listenıng. So eventually we become sleepy so we left for bed.
The next morning ıt was tıme to say fair well to Donald and Sam... when we could fınd a Bus, ıt was an adventure ın ıts self which lead us again to McDonald's for some ice cream...
So off they went to travel again! That was them forever ın our memory's may the rest ın peace!

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  1. Ooh! Sounds terribly exciting my love!!! :) It's making me all excited for my travels in Feb...we settled on Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava in the end and it is possible that we might go to the Czech Republic for a day :) Would have been fantab seeing Sam and Hero Donald! Hope you keep having such good times x.