Saturday, October 31, 2009

Somewhere els

So the place that we moved to was a smaller town called Amasra on the Black Sea. Really nice views from this small touristic village! so when we arrived there something like 9hours on a bus Robin and i were egar to find somewhere to spend the night. we found a Panshion, like a room in someone elses house it seemed quite cheap and good... well cheap it was but good is not how i would describe it. it was dirty, had bugs, the toilet didn't flush... oh well so we stayed 3 glorious nights there!

The woman that run the place was so funny though, she spoke NO English at but talked at us as if we understood. for all we know she was calling us fools. when she showed us the room she seemed very proud of this red lamp thing, that i got was a night light form her sighs and snoring noises... just what you need!

oh i feel i have to mention the service on the buses, you get like a trolley dolly person like on a plain giving you drinks and small things to eat. its so strange watching these people walking around with a jug of freshly boiled water on a bumpy bus. Yes so top marks to Turkey for there bus service!! really good!

oh so in Amasra we really didn't do much at all, we walked and enjoyed the view and that was about it!

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