Saturday, April 24, 2010


The next day to keep our none lazy character up we went for a hill walk that took us to great view point of the hole Dunedin and further! The walk was not hard and we took our time and spent an hour at the top just enjoying the sight!

The next day we said our fair wells to John and went to a town called Te Anau! we arrived fairly late so the only thing we did was fined some food and went to bed!

On the first day there we took it easy and just booked into a Glow Worm Caves tour. That took us a short boat ride to an island that is not inhabited to a small house where there is a path to the caves. The cave tunnel is very small for me so even smaller for Robin! there were great views from inside the caves of waterfalls and the suck, but none of my favorite the stalactites and stalagmites. then onto a boat inside the caves where we traveled into darkness IN THE CAVES! we floated around gazing at this Galaxy of blue glow worms on the roof! i liked it but not as much as i should have i was still caught up on the idea that we were underground and in a cave in water and it was DARK! Yes though it was beautifull! and would recomend it!

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