Saturday, April 3, 2010


we went to a hunted house, witch was really cool! first greeted by a man running at us with blood all over him and screaming. nice! there were 3stages there was the 3D vortex where you had the crazy 3D glasses and it was all messed up and people were running at you and then there was the house witch also had a claustrophobia room very small room!! and finally the best part in my opinion was the corn feild maze! was really gereat! a massive corn maze with cray people in it that waould run at youi then dissapear and then chansaw people. but the best for me was the midget tha managed to get me down to his high! he was funny but also a bit weard but fun... anyways it was a good night in all. the people in the photos are Robin, Val, kelly, Enguerrand, Levin and myself! good night!!!

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