Thursday, April 22, 2010


So we were through with our job on the Sunday and then on the Monday we were out of Auckland! We got a flight to Christchurch that afternoon and arrived at about 10pm just in time to check in to our hostel!
The next day we were off at an early start to Dunedin ( the Scottish city in NZ) and it was all the street names were from Edinburgh! So there in this new place we met a Friend from Orkney, John. From there robin reminded him of a promise he made, to see the little blue Penguins! so off we set to find the little birds! we waited about 2hours for them to appear and just when we were loosing hope they came! very small and cute but it was quite dark by the time they came so the were not so clear! But none the less i was happy to see them in the nature waddle past my feet!
So we went back to Johns house to stay the night witch was very nice and a very good start to our travel!

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